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SINCE 1996 (Full time, freelance SINCE 1977)


Kent Lindsay Photography 

Kent has been passionate about photography since high school when he befriended three friends all of who owned their own darkrooms. His dad, a former photo journalist, sent him his first camera, a Rolliflex, the last camera he himself used in the final years of his newspaper career. Starting as a "darkroom assistant" to the oldest friend already out of high school and doing professional photography, he soon needed other darkrooms to practice his new found craft AND was soon gained access to the highschool darkroom for his new growing addiction to Photography. As life went on he soon realized this would become something he would like to do all his life. 

After three years of formal studies in photography and motion picture at the now Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, he ventured out into what was to become a life long vocation and creative service to his combined communities of Toronto, Vancouver, China, Three Hills, Alberta, Luzon, Philippines, Kelowna, B.C.,  and now, since 2003, Red Deer, Alberta. Here you will see some of that history and growth in his chosen craft of the Art and Business of Professional Photography. Enjoy!