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- Some very Important Instructions on dress -


Creating your best family memory portrait session starts with you. On the initial consultation usually over the phone, Kent will ask you some questions to help him get you to the right place. Sometimes it will take a few tries to get there so please be patient, it will be worth it!

DRESS is so important, please LISTEN and DO what we ask as it will save time money and effort on both our parts later. It is a real must to have absolutely NO busy patterns, loud clown colours or logos and printing on your clothes. You will see the differences for good and bad as you view the portraits on this site. Solid long sleeves dark pastel colours are best. If you go white, everyone should to go white not just one or two. Your eye goes directly to the person's clothes from the whitest most colourFULL or multi coloured pattern. This is NOT what you or we want. We are modelling you to look your best for a lifetime and beyond, NOT the clothes with colours, patterns and styles that change with time thus not "timeless". Thanks ahead of time for your cooperation!